Jul 152021

Barcelona (Spain), July 14th, 2021. – Today,BCN3D, a Spanish leading 3D printing solutions manufacturer, announced its new 3D printing slicing-software.

For the past year since the beginning of pandemic, BCN3D Technologies’ passion project has been to take the next steps in 3D printing software. Following on from last year’s Epsilon Series release, this new endeavor has been with the intention of a shift in mindset, to create a software equal in quality to that of the BCN3D hardware and increase user’s ease of use and expand on functionalities; a new interface, seamless communication between BCN3D Stratos and the Epsilon and Sigma D25 product family, and new slicing features allow BCN3D to do so.

With this new Slicing-software, BCN3D today enables companies and professionals around the world to make the most of their operations by bundling all BCN3D Epsilon and Sigma 3D printers with the new Stratos software as an evolution of current BCN3D Cura software. This new take on the Open Source Cura software is compatible with all Epsilon and Sigma printers.

“The goal of our software development was to advance it to the same level as our high-performance hardware. BCN3D Stratos simplifies the printing process immensely, without compromising the quality and precision of prints. We are proud to be continuously widening the variety of configurations and settings for all levels of users, with more to come in the near future.” – Xavier Martínez Faneca, BCN3D CEO.

The brand new features of Stratos propel BCN3D forward in the world of 3D printing software. The powerful slicing tool provides robust and reliable features to create highly detailed and clean models and to help all innovators produce accurate print models with more speed and efficiency. 

BCN3D Stratos can be downloaded from the BCN3D website:

                           bcn3d.com/bcn3d-stratos For more information, please visit www.bcn3d.com

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