Apr 242022
CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0——Unlock the Super Pre-support Power

April 24, 2022, CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0 released officially! This time, we added not only 10+ newly functions and 19 printers, but also optimized some features and algorithms to improve the pre-processing efficiency and bring progress to the SLA/DLP/LCD 3D printing pre-processor. There are some creative ways to slice that will completely overwhelm your imagination. Want to learn more? Let’s go find out together. 1. Supports Scaling——Small or Large Supports scaling is one of the most important functions that has been added in CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0 this time. It helps you to keep the supports when you want to re-scale your model, and the supports can remain the same diameter when you are scaling. It is quite useful for most designers which helps them solve the problem of supports editing for different size models. And for 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts, supports scaling can help them print easily as they only need to add supports for once that able to print out different [..weiterlesen..]

Jul 252021
CHITUBOX Basic V1.9.0 Released

Feature improvements This update comes with a lot of significant new features and improvements. These includes TSMC and Resting Time from CHITUBOX Pro for the 3D printers using Chitu Systems. Note: Some of these new features only work on printers using the CTB format, and you need to update your printer firmware to ensure maximum compatiblity with these features. Learn more… TSMC (Two-Stage Motion Control) In this version, we’ve added the TSMC feature from CHITUBOX Pro. With this feature, you’ll have more freedom to control your build plate movements and speed up prints without sacrificing quality TSMC stands for Two-Stage Motion Control. Your build plate lift and retract movements are divided into two stages: the lower stage that is closer to the FEP film, and the upper stage that is further away. You give them two different sets of motion settings, including their distances and speeds. For example, when your build plate is trying to detach your model from the FEP film, you [..weiterlesen..]

Jan 072021
Chitubox 1.8.0 beta erschienen

Bereits gestern gab es einen Artikel indem es um Tipps und Tricks zum Resin drucken dreht und schwups, kommt der nächste Artikel bei dem es ein neues Release zu verkünden gibt. Denn der beliebte und kostenfreie Resin-Slicer Chitubox ist nun in Beta Version 1.8.0 zum Download erschienen. Zu aller erst und da werden sich sicherlich einige drüber freuen, wurden neue Drucker hinzugefügt. Anycubic Photon Mono, Photon Mono SE, Photon Mono X, Photon X, Photon Zero Peopoly Phenom XXL QIDI 3D ibox mono Voxelab Ceres 8.9 WanHao CGR MINI MONO, CGR MONO Des Weiteren gibt es neue Funktionen und Bugfixes: Optimized slicing and saving mechanisms, and largely increased slicing and sliced file saving speed; Automatic island detection that can help you detect, locate and remove islands quickly; Tolerance compensation to reduce your 3D printing tolerances and increase accuracy to satisfy your assembly requirements; Support preview that allows you to view how your supports look like when adding them manually; Six view (top/bottom/left/right/front/back) functionality instead of the [..weiterlesen..]

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Okt 032020
CHITUBOX 1.7.0 erschienen

An diesem Artikel merke ich gerade, dass unsere Resin Drucker aktuell einfach zu wenig zum Einsatz kommen, denn vor 2 Tagen bereits wurde eine neue Version von CHITUBOX veröffentlicht, welche nun wieder mehrere Resin Drucker unterstützt und die größte Erneuerung ist der Baumstruktursupport. Diese Support Struktur ganz sehr nützlich sein und spart auch Resin, so dass man es wie von Cura kennt die Struktur einem Baum ähnelt. Ich werde es gleich mal auf dem Orange30 testen. Wie immer der voll Changelog für Euch. 1. Added to the machine list CREALITY LD-006 ELEGOO MARS 2 EPAX E6 mono EPAX E10 89mono EPAX X1K 2Kmono EPAX X10 89mono Longer 3D Orange4K Phrozen Shuffle 16 Phrozen Sonic 4K Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K Voxelab Proxima 2. Added the function of copying the top support (double-click to copy) 3. Added shortcut keys for switching support types (CTRL+1: thin support, CTRL+2: medium support, CTRL+3: heavy support) 4. Fixed the bug that the [..weiterlesen..]