Jul 252021

Feature improvements

This update comes with a lot of significant new features and improvements. These includes TSMC and Resting Time from CHITUBOX Pro for the 3D printers using Chitu Systems.

Note: Some of these new features only work on printers using the CTB format, and you need to update your printer firmware to ensure maximum compatiblity with these features. Learn more…

TSMC (Two-Stage Motion Control)

In this version, we’ve added the TSMC feature from CHITUBOX Pro. With this feature, you’ll have more freedom to control your build plate movements and speed up prints without sacrificing quality

TSMC stands for Two-Stage Motion Control. Your build plate lift and retract movements are divided into two stages: the lower stage that is closer to the FEP film, and the upper stage that is further away. You give them two different sets of motion settings, including their distances and speeds.

For example, when your build plate is trying to detach your model from the FEP film, you can give it a slow moving speed. And when it moves high enough, you can make it rise a lot faster. By doing so, you can largely speed up your printing while still ensuring your print success.

Resting Time

We’ve also added to this release the Resting Time feature, a new waiting mode in addition to Light-off Delay.

When choosing Resting Time, you can control the entire time gap by setting the values for the rest times before rising, after rising and after retract.

Light-off Delay is dependent on other motion settings and usually require complicated calculation. Resting Time, on the other hand, is more intuitive and time-saving – how your build plate move is totally up to what you’ve set.

Boosted slice speed

Thanks to the optimized slice mechanism, the slice speed has been boosted. What’s more, if you turn off the volume calculation setting, it can slice even faster, like in the blink of an eye.

Bug fixes

In addition to feature improvements and machine adjustments, we have also fixed some bugs and issues found previously, such as:

  1. Changing the raft shape might not take effect when editing supports, ;
  2. If you use tolerance compensation on some models, there would be some layers missing in the slice file;
  3. Crashing issues caused in the following situations:
    1. When adding heavy auto supports for models;
    2. When using tolerance compensation on large complicated models;
    3. When using hollowing and infilling on large complicated models;

Supported machine updates

CHITUBOX Basic V1.9.0 is now supporting more printers, including:

  • EPAX X1-4K
  • EPAX E10 5K
  • EPAX X10 5K
  • Flashforge Foto 6.0
  • Flashforge Foto 8.9
  • Peopoly Phenom Prime
  • Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K
  • Phrozen Sonic XL 4K

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