Jan 202022

Ein neues Update steht bevor, welches innerhalb der nächsten 7 Tagen ausgerollt und somit bei jedem Anwender angezeigt werden sollte. Dabei widmet man sich auch dem kleinen Cricut Joy, welcher eine schicke neue Funktion im Bezug auf das ausrichten bekommt.

Wie man es kennt, schreibe ich hier wieder direkt den Changelog rein.

Offset improvements

The Offset feature is now available on all supported operating systems, including Windows 8 and Windows 10 32-bit! 

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Web landing pages for projects and profiles

Now when you click on a Design Space project or profile link, a landing page will open in your web browser so you can view the project details or profile before opening or downloading/installing Design Space for Desktop. 


Operations icon on image tile

A new icon on image tiles gives at-a-glance information about how the image was designed.

Cut only                                          Draw only                                      Print Then Cut                              Cut & Draw


Mat Preview Refactor

We’ve rewritten the code for Mat Preview to improve performance! 

Note: To help us ensure that everything goes smoothly, this functionality will roll out at a slightly slower pace than v7.0 itself.  We anticipate all users will receive the following functionality within just a few weeks of update to v7.0. 

Simplified move-between-mats functionality

Now, when an object is moved from one mat to another it is placed at the 0,0 position, rather than appearing in the the same location it occupied on the previous mat. 





Rotation direction on Mat Preview

We’ve adjusted the rotation direction to maximize material space! Previously, the auto-rotation would rotate the design 90-degrees clockwise. Now the rotation occurs counterclockwise (or 270-degrees). 





Cricut Joy Card Mat – Auto-alignment on Mat Preview

When using Card Mat with Cricut Joy, your design will automatically be centered on the Mat Preview, making custom Insert Card designs even easier! 





Cricut Joy Card Mat – Default to smallest material size

When using Cricut Joy Card Mat, the Material Size now defaults to the smallest material size that will work with your design, so you can send the project to your machine with fewer clicks! 






  • Images – Missing image set card, images missing visual details
  • Design Space for Desktop app allowing users to purchase Cricut Access when they already have an expired but not canceled subscription from a different provider
  • Price not showing on Cricut Access modal
  • Entered text not appearing on Canvas
  • Image name not present in Layers panel after Flatten
  • „Billing Address“ and „Zip Code“ translated text not aligned in Cricut Access screen and Checkout screen. 
  • 403 status code response when user tries to use Al Bayan, Al Nile, Al Tarikh system fonts
  • Selecting My Projects link from a profile directs user to Canvas, not My Projects
  • Cancelling Print Then Cut still results in „Printed“ status
  • Javascript error when using Offset feature
  • Licensed projects saying „(Price$) or FREE with Cricut Access“
  • Pen thickness not sticking after zooming on Canvas
  • Print Then Cut image moves to back behind font when going to Mat Preview
  • Subscription Pricing Label with NULL value

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