Apr 082021

Vorab muss ich leider eingestehen, dass ich mich immer wieder erwische, wie ich dieses extrem überladene Slicer Programm nutze. Ich bin schon lange kein Freund davon und werde es wohl auch nicht werden, aber irgendwas ist dann doch wieder da, was mich zur Nutzung zwingt.

Bereits am Dienstag wurde eine neue Cura Version veröffentlicht, welche nun in einer V4.9 Beta Version zum download bereit steht. Es gibt viele Fehlerbehebungen sowie neuer Profile und neuer Funktionen. Wie es mit Simplify3D aussieht, sollte glaube ich klar sein, denn diese werden es wohl nie mehr schaffen an den aktuellen Slicern ran zu kommen, so dass es denke ich mal Sinn macht, sich an einen neuen Slicer zu gewöhnen. Auch wenn S3D sehr einfach ist und gute Arbeit macht, aber die Konkurrenz trumpft immer wieder neue Sachen aus dem Ärmel.


„Line type“ is now the default color scheme.When entering the Preview mode, you don’t have to switch manually to line type.Z-seam is now clearly shown in preview mode.This ensures that you will know whether the seam will be sufficiently hidden in the end product. This will also indicate the starting point of the print.Thanks to @BasF0 for contributing to this feature

Other Features

New ‚line width‘ color-scheme available in preview mode.Line-width can now be selected as a color-scheme in preview mode.Weight estimation in decimals.This provides a more detailed idea of the amount of material used – which is especially useful for smaller prints.Split Shell category into Walls and Top/Bottom.The shell category was a mix of settings about walls and settings about top/bottom, splitting them into two categories makes more sense.Post-processing script to embed screenshot in g-code.The ability to have thumbnails embedded.Contributed by @Gravedigger7789.Add checkbox for Extruder Offsets.Ability to enable or disable the extruder offsets to gcode. This will be enabled by default unless it is in the printer’s def.json file.Contributed by @RFBomb.Various Mac OSX (and other) fixes afforded by upgrades to Python (to 3.8) and Qt (to 5.15).If you had (UX, visual, graphics card) problems, specifically on (newer) Mac OSX versions, please try this new version.


  • Custom menu Materials and Nozzle menu now open at cursor position instead of under the menu button.
  • Visuals of Preference screen are large.
  • Drop downs in Preference screen don’t react to mouse-scroll.
  • Default language not selected in Preference screen.
  • Changelog takes long too load.
  • Setting Visibility submenu items in the Preference screen are greyed-out and can’t be selected on Mac OSX.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a security vulnerability on windows permitting the openssl library used to launch other programs. Thanks to Xavier Danest for raising this bug.
  • Fixed Connect Top/Bottom Polygons.
  • Fixed closing Marketplace after quitting Cura.
  • Fixed clicking on Marketplace button to go to web Marketplace.
  • Fixed Pause at Height when using Repetier flavour. Contributed by @EGOiST1991.
  • Fixed correct density for current PETG filaments. Contributed by @kad.
  • Fixed Pause at height post-processing script that returns to the right position.
  • Fixed layer view being grayed out after reslicing. Contributed by @Ghostkeeper.
  • Fixed fan speed issue due to reuse of empty extruder plan.
  • Fixed loading OBJ files with no texture references, but does have normal references.
  • Fixed retraction/priming while extruder switches. Contributed by @sisu70.
  • Fixed loading script from all registered resource paths. Contributed by @fieldOfView.
  • Fixed typeError: define_round_method. Contributed by @Sophist-UK.
  • Fixed missing layer with Hole Horizontal Expansion.
  • Fixed Tree Support Floor layers. Contributed by @ThomasRahm.
  • Fixed Top Surface Skin Layers if Top layers = 0.
  • Fixed recent files on opening as project.
  • Fixed opening project file from command-line.
  • Fixed thumbnail in UFP files.
  • Fixed validator for floats in Machine Settings dialog. Contributed by @fieldOfView.
  • Fixed recessed areas at the bottom of a model while using Make Overhangs Printable. Contributed by @OpusMcN.
  • Fixed slicing grouped models if one of the group parts is below Z=0.
  • Fixed material temperatures and fan speed for Anycubic i3 Mega. Contributed by @trunneml.
  • Fixed drop model down to buildplate when always drop to buildplate is disabled.
  • Fixed drop objects to buildplate after scaling.
  • Fixed disallowed areas while using Brim Line Widths.
  • Fixed message for non manifold models.
  • Fixed setting category arrows. Contributed by @fieldOfView.
  • Fixed metadata tags for 3MF files.
  • Fixed engine crash when using low-density Cross Infill

Printer definitions, profiles and materials

  • 3DFuel Pro PLA and SnapSupport materials, contributed by @grk3010.
  • Cubincon Style NeoA31, contributed by HUNIBESTHyVISION.
  • Eryone thinker series and Eryone ER20, contributed by @Eryone.
  • Flashforge DreamerNX, contributed by @KeltE.
  • Fused Form FF300, contributed by @FusedForm.
  • Geeetech A10 improved start and end gcode, contributed by @TheTRCG.
  • ideagen3D Sapphire and ideagen3D Sapphire Plus, contributed by @Firedrops.
  • INAT Proton X printers, contributed by @MarkINAT.
  • Koonovo, contributed by @KOONOVO3DPrinter.
  • Liquid, contributed by @alexgrigoras.
  • Lulzbot TAZ Pro and Lulzbot Mini 2, contributed by @spotrh.
  • Maker Made 300x printer, contributed by @skilescm.
  • MINGDA D2, contributed by @cataclism.
  • Snapmaker 2.0, contributed by @maihde.
  • Sri Vignan Technologies, contributed by @venkatkamesh.
  • Syndaver AXI Machine, contributed by @synsuiter.
  • Tinyboy Fabricator Mini 1.5, contributed by @reibuehl.
  • Trimaker printers, contributed by @tomasbaldi.
  • TwoTrees Bluer, contributed by @WashingtonJunior.
  • Update Hellbot Magna 1 and Hellbot Magna dual, contributed by @DevelopmentHellbot.
  • Update Rigid3D and added Rigid3D Mucit2, contributed by @mehmetsutas.
  • ZAV series, contributed by @kimer2002.

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