Mai 142021

Das der Ender3 ein Verkaufsschlager war und immer noch ist, muss man nicht groß schreiben. Mit dem Nachfolger dem Ender3 V2 hat Creality einen würdigen Nachfolger gefunden, zumal diese für knapp 220 Euro zu bekommen ist. Nur kennt man es, dass die Hersteller selber keine richtige Zeit in die Firmware stecken und man doch noch einiges raus holen kann.

So hat es auch der User „mrisoc“ gemacht, denn ich möchte nicht wissen, wieviele Stunden er in die neue Professionelle Ender3 V2 Firmware gesteckt hat. Es ist eine Menge was er hinzugefügt oder verbessert hat und es macht aus meinen Augen auch Sinn. Der Drucker macht Stock recht gute Arbeit wie man sehen konnte und mit der neuen Custom Firmware und einigen Mods ist es ein gutes Kaufargument. Ich schreibe Euch hier mal alles rein und kann mich im Namen vieler nur bedanken, dass er seine Zeit kostenlos für Euch investiert hat.

This firmware is based on Marlin for the Ender 3 v2. It has the serial port speed settled to 250000 bps for improve communication speed and avoid the errors relative to buffer underruns, please change settings in Octoprint/Prontface/Cura, etc.

Firmware features

  • 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 Board support
  • Improved support for Manual Mesh and 3D/BLTouch
  • Power Lost recovery enable by default (M413)
  • Manual leveling assistant
  • Long filename support with scroll
  • Baby Z-Stepping
  • Firmware Retract
  • Advanced pause feature
  • Default park-head position x=240 y=220
  • Filament change on tune menu
  • Filament management (load/unload) in prepare menu
  • Print Flow on Motion and Tune menu
  • Home axis after motor disabling
  • Fastest Z feed rate
  • Live move for all motors but extruder
  • Support for S-curve Acceleration
  • Reboot printer item on control menu
  • Park-head item on filament management menu
  • Increase extruder feedrate limit to 150 for BMG users
  • Selectable runout sensor active state
  • Support for µSD extensions

Manual mesh

  • Manual mesh leveling menu


  • Safe Probe Z-Homing
  • Bed auto level
  • High speed probe
  • Retry bed level on error

G-Codes enhanced support

  • Filament Load Unload G-codes (M701/M702)
  • Support for M600 filament change
  • Support for G-code M117 messages
  • Enable M575 change baud rate by G-code
  • Extended M75 with filename support, use M75 {{ }} in g-code script
  • Enable ARC and ‚P‘ parameter to specify complete circles (G2/G3)
  • Support for special nonstandard Creality C G-Codes
  • Implemented C11 En Rn Gn Bn gcode for colorize UI elements

Advanced settings menu

  • Home XYZ offsets menu
  • Probe offsets menu (BLTouch version)
  • Customizable park-head position
  • Launch PID for nozzle and bed
  • Filament run-out sensor with active state setup
  • Filament load and unload lengths menu items in run-out menu
  • Power-loss recovery setup
  • LCD Brightness control
  • Select Color Sub Menu

Special Octoprint / Host print support

  • High speed (250000 baud) serial communication
  • In screen control of host printing (M73, M75-M77)
  • Display messages on status line (M117)
  • Color change of UI elements for visual status report (C11)
  • Binary file transfer for remote firmware upgrade
  • List binary (.bin) files (M20) for flash firmware support with BFT
  • Arc Welder Octoprint plugin support
  • EEPROM Editor Octoprint plugin support
  • Host action commands for filament runout
  • Emergency Parser active
  • Advanced OK

Octoprint bed visualizer support

Display enhancements

  • Extended and fixed DWIN library
  • Enhanced status messages
  • Improved status bar with temperature, flow, fan, z-offset and xyz positions
  • PID auto tune progress on display
  • Leveling progress on display
  • Boot screen for M997

A lot of additions and fixes from Bugfix development branch

More info on the wiki pages


Please remember that it is a preliminary and bugfix release be careful. If you are an advanced user, you can get the last experimental version at the Telegram firmware group: where we test the firmware and has new features added. When this version gets tested enough is renamed to BETA and is available to be tested by anyone, at this time, the previous BETA is released as 5×5 and 3×3 references are about of the number of points in the leveling mesh. 422 refers to the mainboard version 4.2.2, and 427 is for the 4.2.7 mainboard version.

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