Sidewinder X1 - Ultimate Cooler - 4020 Radial

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Coolers were designed from scratch in Fusion 360. I took inspiration from my Bullseye on my Ender 3. There are many versions, please read the descriptions below to find one that works for you.

Please Note - The stock cooler works just fine. Only do this change if your stock cooler isn't working well for whatever reason. For example, some have said their stock coolers does not work as well after installing a silicone sock, since it blocks the airflow.

Must print in PETG or ABS. PLA will warp and/or melt close to the bed and nozzle.

Happy to report that all 3 and a half versions fit as designed. There is a make of each version. Be sure to check out the makes if you need help deciding on which version to go with. Thank you everyone for posting your makes! Puts a tear in my eye.

Version 1: I designed so it can be printed in two parts. There's a chamber that's offset to help even out the airflow. I tested this and it works. This version is good if you just want a more direct airflow than stock. Lightweight and easy to print.

BLTouch offsets are: x -53, y -33

Version 1.5: Same as version 1 but combined into one piece.

Same BLTouch offsets.

Version 2: Thicker 2mm walls. This allowed me to have bigger nozzles. Nozzles are pointed directly at the bottom of the nozzle, should be good for printing PLA. Will need to print my compact extruder cover for this one to fit.

BLTouch offsets are: x -60, y -33

10/9 - Some have reported that this version hits the loading gear. I created a 2mm spacer you can use with this cooler, that way you don't have to reprint the whole thing if you already printed it.

Version 3: Designed for 2 4020 Radial fans. Super even airflow on both sides. Fully adjustable height from bed to the nozzle. Nozzles are pointed downward at 45 degrees. Ideal for cooling the extruded filament and the general area it's landing on. It should be a great option if you do large prints in PLA. Will need to print my compact extruder cover for this one to fit.

BLTouch offsets are: x +54, y -34


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