Feb 162022

Beim öffnen Eures Design Space sollte Euch eine Aktualisierung angezeigt werden und das Update kann direkt installiert werden. Dieses beinhaltet die Versionsnummer V7.2.87 und hat folgenden Changelog:

See who liked a project

Now you can see who has liked a particular project. Simply select the number of likes to see a list of those who have liked the project. The list is interactive – you can Follow/Unfollow right from that list or navigate to a user’s profile. 


Phrase Navigation

This new option in the left panel on the Canvas provides easy access to our vast library of pre-designed Phrases. Simply select the Phrases icon, then apply other filters such as Language, Layers, and Operation Type to find the perfect phrase for your project. 


Cricut Access 

New option on Canvas to sign up for Cricut Access free trial if you haven’t already! 



  • Maker projects – forgets selected material between mat cuts
  • Font dropdown throws Unhandled Error on Click Off
  • Text – Cursor position doesn’t move to where user right-clicked
  • Cricut Access modal – Wrong screen displayed for fraction of second before free trial screen
  • Canvas – Rotating certain shapes causes slight translation
  • Canvas – Unable to add text to Canvas if font is missing
  • Route from Profile page to Link Cartridges goes to Calibration


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