Jan 182021

Und wieder gibt es was neues von Prusa, jedoch dreht es sich diesmal um den kleinen Bruder, dem PrusaMini. Denn dort wurde vor knapp 2 Stunden eine neue Firmware veröffentlicht, welche die Versionsnummer 4.3.0 enthält und im Release Candiate Stadium sich befindet.

Viel neues gibt es dort nicht zu berichten, jedoch gehe ich wieder davon aus, dass das nächste Update größer als das jetzige sein wird, denn so war es auch beim großen Prusa Update.

  • Improved system dialogues
  • Error screen includes appendix info
  • RPM range increased
  • PID disabled during heater test
  • Saving logs to USB suspended
  • Bug fixes

Improved system dialogues

Selected system dialogues were updated to improve clarity. In this release, new screens are introduced:

  • USB drive error is detected during the print
  • Heating is disabled after 30 minutes of inactivity

Error screen includes appendix info

In case of a more serious system error, a red error screen is displayed informing the user about what went wrong and how to fix it. Part of this screen is now information about the status of the appendix. There are two possible scenarios:

  • The system detects the Appendix, then a [A] is displayed on the screen
  • The system detects a broken Appendix, then no sign is displayed.

RPM range increased

Previously, the range of the cooling fans was set based on the measured values in the tests. However, as a result, some fans were not correctly evaluated by the system. The range will be thus temporarily extended and further adjusted after another round of testing to correctly detect and evaluate the connected fans.

PID disabled during heater test

While testing the hotend and heatbed heaters, the system now temporarily disables the PID regulating feature and uses full available power. This results in a faster heat-up, effectively shortening the test duration.

Saving log to USB suspended

The previous firmware release 4.3.0-RC1 enabled advanced users to save logs (results) of the tests to a USB drive for further evaluation. As stated in the release notes, this feature was experimental and in some scenarios may have caused a BSOD screen.

Based on the feedback, this feature is now temporarily disabled until a new, more robust, the USB driver is finalized by the developers. Applying a new driver will improve the handling of the USB flash drives and increase the overall stability of the system.

Bug fixes

  • Some translated Prusa Connect Local messages were displayed with a longer delay, this is now fixed (response is faster).
  • The final parking position of the print head (X-coordinate) was united for the First layer calibration and a finished print.
  • In some scenarios, the testers were able to invoke a “watchdog reset”, but instead of displaying the red screen, the system showed a blue BSOD screen. There was an internal issue with the procedure “calling” for incorrect GUI function. This is now fixed.
  • In case of damage to the thermistor (short circuit) on the hotend or heatbed, the system could end up in an endless loop of Maxtemp error screens. This scenario is now fixed and after the first reset, the system displays an error message and waits for user interaction.

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