Mrz 222020

This is final release of PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 introducing SLA hollowing and hole drilling, support for 3rd party printer vendors, 3Dconnexion support, automatic variable layer height, macOS dark mode support, greatly improved ColorPrint feature and much, much more.

This release follows releases of 2.2.0-rc52.2.0-rc42.2.0-rc32.2.0-rc22.2.0-rc2.2.0-beta2.2.0-alpha4, non-public 2.2.0-alpha3, alpha2 and alpha1. Several bugs found in the previous release candidate are fixed in this final release. See the respective change logs of the previous releases for all the new features, improvements and bugfixes in the 2.2.0 series.

Changes with respect to PrusaSlicer 2.2.0-rc5

  • Linux specific: 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator USB did not work with AppImage, solved with help of @Area5142 and @probonopd. (#3388)
  • Linux specific: MimeType was added to AppImage metadata, so that the desktop integration knows what file types PrusaSlicer could open. (#2732)
  • It is now possible to swap the y and z axes for 3Dconnexion devices. This can be configured in the 3Dconnexion settings dialog which opens on Ctrl+M. (#3852)
  • Fixed occasional duplicate extrusions when the scene was re-sliced after a parameter change. This was a long-existent bug appearing in both 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 releases. (#2540#2803)
  • Fixed crashes on undo/redo in certain scenarios.
  • ‚Clip multi-part objects‘ was set to true in the default Print Settings profile. This is a legacy config option from the original Slic3r and it will likely be removed completely in future releases. (#2803 (comment))
  • Fixed incorrect processing of G92 code by the G-code preview in case the G92 code was accompanied with an unusual axis, for example G92 A0 B0. This lead to the G-code preview to be shifted towards the print bed. #3510


– PrusaSlicer-2.2.0+-202003211132.dmg

– PrusaSlicer-2.2.0+linux-armv7l-202003211132.tar.bz2

– PrusaSlicer-2.2.0+linux-x64-202003211856.AppImage

– PrusaSlicer-2.2.0+linux-x64-202003211856.tar.bz2



– Source code(zip)

– Source code

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