Dez 172020

Eigentlich wollte ich gerade ins Bett und da kommt einfach so die Meldung, dass vor knapp 1 Stunde eine neue Version vom PrusaSlicer veröffentlicht wurde. Dieser liegt nun in einem ersten Release Candidate vor bevor es dann bald rüber zur finalen Version geht. Ich gehe jedoch nicht mehr davon aus, dass noch in diesem Jahr die finale Version erscheinen wird, da gegenüber der Beta Versionen noch zuviele Fehler auftauchen.

Improvements with respect to PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-beta3

  • The maximum detour length of ‚Avoid crossing perimeters‘ (see 2.3.0-beta3 change log) can now be expressed as a percentage of the direct path length.
  • Avoid crossing perimeters is also applied for supports.
  • The ‚Inches‘ option in right sidebar is no longer automatically checked after mm to inches conversion.
  • ‚Extrusion multiplier‘ value was clamped and the user is alerted when it is out of range.

Bugs fixed, reported for PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-beta3

  • Machine limits configuration options were incorrectly used for time estimate calculations for non-Marlin firmwares (#5378)
  • Keyboards shortcuts for moving the camera were not always working since the alpha phase. It is now fixed (#5470)
  • Cut tool did not accept keyboard input when using millimeters as a unit (#5473#5498)
  • ‚Perform cut‘ button in Cut tool is now disabled when the entered value is invalid.
  • Scroll bar in the right panel sometimes partially obscured some of the controls (#5472#5451)
  • When one had multiple printer presets for one physical printer, a wrong preset was selected after loading a 3MF file (#5450)
  • Legend in Preview was sometimes not rendered correctly (#5474)
  • ‚Reload from disk‘ did not work for AMF files (#5443)
  • Extrusion widths in Preview did not show correctly when using volumetric E (#5415)
  • ‚Converted from inches‘ flag is saved into 3MF and AMF even if the file source information is not. The information was lost in previous versions.
  • The Preview reverted to Normal mode visualization on reslicing, even when switched to Silent mode before (#5481)
  • The new avoid crossing perimeters feature caused skipped wipe moves when the detour length exceeded the maximum set in config.
  • When using initial priming of extruders with multimaterial printing, the M1 G-Code was issued to let the user confirm it was successful. This G-Code is now only emitted for Marlin firmware, the others do not support it (#5441)
  • Any painted supports and seams were needlessly removed when the object was converted from/to imperial units.
  • Any painted supports and seams are removed when a mesh is fixed with Netfabb. The operation makes the data invalid and attempting to use them could lead to crashes (#5458)
  • Fixed excessive CPU load when a notification in 3D scene was active (#5416)
  • Time estimate visualization was not correct in Silent mode.
  • Fixed possible crash when loading OBJ files.
  • Random seam placement could get stuck in infinite loop when support blockers were used. The seam placement is also faster.
  • Windows specific: Application was losing focus after pop-up dialogs were displayed, which resulted in apparent non-responsiveness (#5141)
  • macOS specific: ‚Open new instance‘ item in macOS dock menu was shown when only one running instance was allowed in Preferences (#5463)
  • Linux specific: Fixed contrast issue in unsaved changes dialog when using dark mode (#5444)
  • Linux specific: Fixed text color for the mode buttons with GTK2 (#5444)
  • Linux specific: Fixed incorrect combo box width in Filament Settings with GTK3 (#5444)
  • Linux specific: Fixed HiDPI scaling issues with GTK3 (#3245#4135)
  • Linux specific: Layout issues in Configuration Wizard when using GTK3 (#5103#4861 and #5444)
  • Linux specific: Pan moves when using 3DConnexion SpaceMouse were jerky (#5233)


  • Updated CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT and PL dictionaries

3rd party profiles

  • Fixed Custom End G-Code for Creality Ender-5

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