Dez 232020

In den letzten Tagen ist es hier recht ruhig geworden was aber auch seinen Grund. Dazu werde ich dann aber bei Gelegenheit einen kleinen Artikel schreiben. 😉

Jetzt jedenfalls dreht es sich um den PrusaSlicer, welcher mittlerweile in der Version 2.3.0 RC2 vorliegt und zum Download bereit steht. Auch bei diesem Release, welches vor 8 Stunden veröffentlicht wurde, gibt es nix großes zu erwarten, da man hierbei erstmal die Fehler aus dem ersten Release Candidate behoben hat. Macht auch Sinn, denn sollte man weitere Funktionen importieren wollen, würde diese evtl. noch mehr Probleme verursachen und der Rattenschwanz würde länger werden.

Daher wie immer der aktuelle Changelog.

Bugs fixed with respect to PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-rc1

  • Shells in Preview (when visualized) were not rendered with correct color
  • Minimal height of the object list in the right sidebar was decreased so the list does not take too much space when not needed (#5462)
  • Ironing was sometimes incorrectly not applied when infill parameters were changed before reslicing (#5410)
  • Fix of an occasional crash caused by a faulty notification (#5514)
  • Spiral vase mode would sometimes incorrectly fill in bottom of the model when slicing parameters were changed in certain order (#5528)
  • When there was an object with non-ASCII characters in the name, PrusaSlicer would suggest mangled name for the GCode when exporting.
  • Adaptive cubic infill was not generated correctly in case that infill extrusion width was expressed in percents.
  • Fixed a hard crash in a specific case when using copy-paste on objects with modifiers (#5517)
  • When switching Printer profiles in configuration tabs, currently active page was sometimes reset to General (#5531)
  • Fixed a possible crash when swiching printer profiles in configuration tabs.
  • Windows-specific: ConfigWizard mangled Unicode characters in printer names (#5422)
  • macOS-specific: When multiple PrusaSlicer instances were running, it could crash when ejecting an SD card from some of the instances (#5507). PrusaSlicer may now wrongly report the export as failed even when it in fact succeeded, but it will not crash in this scenario anymore.
  • Linux-specific: The toolbar that switches between 3D scene and Preview did not scale correctly on scaled displays with GTK3 (#5501)
  • Linux-specific: Fixed spurious G-Code Viewer crashes on startup when opened through File menu in PrusaSlicer or with a gcode filename provided through command-line (#5537#5464). Many thanks to @hadrava who significantly helped with debugging of this issue.
  • Linux-specific: When started with a config directory generated by older versions, the application would crash in case that config contained print host credentials (#5513#5074)
  • Linux-specific: desktop file for Linux desktop integration now assigns correct icon to G-Code Viewer instead of using one for PrusaSlicer (#5555, thanks @pmjdebruijn)


  • Fixed several issues and typos in the localizations, some even leading to a crash.
  • Updated CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL and PL dictionaries

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