Dez 222021

Ging nun doch schneller als erwartet, jedoch habe ich persönlich mit einem größeren Release gerechnet. In der finalen Versionen wurden daher „nur“ Fehler beseitigt, so dass die neuen Funktionen schon in der Alpha, bzw. Beta Version verteilt wurden.


This is a final release of PrusaSlicer 2.4.0, following 2.4.0-alpha12.4.0-alpha22.4.0-alpha32.4.0-beta12.4.0-beta22.4.0-beta32.4.0-beta42.4.0-rc and 2.4.0-rc2. The final release fixes bugs found in the second release candidate. For new features in the 2.4.0 series, please read the release logs of the 2.4.0 alphas and betas.

If you already tested any of the PrusaSlicer 2.4.0 alpha or beta builds, you will be offered to import the recent alpha or beta profiles.

Bugs fixed

  • Painting gizmos: Fixed reset of the cursor radius after undo / redo.
  • Fixed crash when exporting G-code with no extrusions produced for printable objects #7538.
  • RepRap firmware: Fixed export of G10 (set temperature) G-code, the tool was not set correctly #5919 #7536 thanks @rsobik.
  • Fixed rendering of ironing extrusions in G-code viewer, broken since first alpha #7522.
  • Fixed „default“ button for „Send to host“ dialog reported on twitter.
  • Fixed intermittent error in Configuration Wizard after PrusaSlicer 2.4.0-rc, where the Filaments page was sometimes missing #7544.
  • Fixed „negative flow“ issue of FDM support generator for object layers lower than the minimum layer height allowed for the active extruder. For example, 0.05um layer height profile may be selected for Prusa Mini printer profile with extruder minimum layer height set to 0.07um.


  • Japanese localization was updated.
  • Fixed missing localization of „Extra perimeters if needed“ #7520.

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