Dez 152021

Vor wenigen Stunden wurde eine neue Version vom PrusaSlicer veröffentlicht, welcher nun in einem Release Candidate vorliegt. Bei diesem RC wurden nur notwendige und wichtige Fehlerbehebungen getätigt, damit beim nächsten Release die Funktionen besser koordiniert werden können.

Ich würde schon jetzt sagen, dass das finale Release mal wieder sehr umfangreich ausfallen wird, denn anders kennt man es nicht. Weiterhin lobe ich die Entwickler, denn diese arbeiten kontinuierlich an dem Programm, so dass es immer besser und genauer wird.


This is a release candidate of PrusaSlicer 2.4.0, following 2.4.0-alpha12.4.0-alpha22.4.0-alpha32.4.0-beta12.4.0-beta22.4.0-beta3 and 2.4.0-beta4. This beta mostly fixes bugs found in beta4. For new features in the 2.4.0 series, please read the release logs of the 2.4.0 alphas and betas.

The release candidate builds save their profiles to the same directory as the last release, however if you already tested any of the PrusaSlicer 2.4.0 alpha or beta builds, you will be offered to import the recent alpha or beta profiles.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed regression since cc44089 in bed shape dialog, where the origin was inverted after reopening the dialog #7474.
  • Fixed crash with fuzzy_skin_point_dist set to zero #7468.
  • Fixed crash when leaving the G-code text editing field by selecting another preset page #7486.
  • Fixed crash on some NVIDIA Quadro graphic cards with travel paths visualized due to unorthodox definition of normal buffers #7461.
  • Fixed crash on some AMD graphic cards with seams or retraction points visualized. Some cards did not support instancing correctly, therefore we rather don’t use instancing anymore #7461 (comment).
  • Disabled enforcement of „bridging perimeters“ with support material enabled at an object level #7484.
  • Linux specific: Fixed „No image handler for type 15 defined.“ error shown on start of PrusaSlicer before a dialog to offer importing configuration from other PrusaSlicer configuration was to be opened #7469.
  • Linux specific: Implemented support of newest Intel Thread Building Blocks after Intel made many breaking changes #6355 #7332 #7470.
  • Fixed bug in combo box background color in dark mode #7481 thanks @n8bot.


Ender2-Pro profiles were provided by @spuder.


Dutch localization was contributed by Simon Tillema.

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