Nov 222019

Die entsprechende Datei nennt sich „Sapphire proRobin_nano35_V1.0.3“ und muss auf dem heimischen PC entpackt werden. In diesem Ordner befinden sich dann mehrere Dateien, wovon man jedoch erstmal nur die „Robin_nano35.bin“ und „robin_nano35_cfg“ benötigt.

Diese beiden Dateien müssen dann auf eine SD-Karte kopiert und anschließend in den SD-Kartenslot des Druckers geschoben werden. Nach einem Neustart des Druckers, sollte man einen Updatebalken sehen, der den Fortschritt anzeigt. Ist dieser bei 100% angekommen, sollte binnen weniger Millisekunden Euer Drucker wieder einsatzbereit sein.

Folgender Changelog ist bekannt gegeben wurden:

According to the product problems and suggestions in August:

1. When the temperature protection time is too long, M303 cannot be sent to regulate the temperature.

2. Add two styles: Retro version and simple version.

3. When the WiFi function is not enabled in the configuration file, the WiFi button in the interface will not be displayed.

4. The information about the main board can be modified through the configuration file.

5. When there is a pause or power failure (if there is a power failure, the z-axis motor shall be locked first when the power point is powered on again to resume printing. After the temperature is heated to the set value, X and Y shall be reset to zero, and then printing shall be started to reduce the possible action of dislocation). When the printing is resumed, a section shall be extruded in advance, which is not likely to have the phenomenon of material shortage and fault. The extrusion length is better to be set in the configuration document Place.

6. Add two in one out function, configurable.

7. Add the function of screen flip 180 degrees in the configuration file (bootloader can flip).

8. After the printing is completed, a dialog box will pop up to show how long the printing has been completed and how much time it takes. There are „OK“ and „print again“ buttons below.

9. Compatible with 3D „touch“.

10. Add the function of reinitializing the screen display by pressing and holding the touch screen.


1. Modify the bootloader to fix the problem of unsuccessful shutdown of PWC driven by tb67s109.

2. Open pulse holding time parameter.


1. Use 3dtouch to make automatic leveling, and continue to print when power is off

2. When the material cut-off detection is triggered by the low level, stop after the material cut-off. If there is no material, restart the printing, and stop after a period of printing, without prompting to install the consumables first

3. Set to two in and one out, select extrusion head as extrusion head 2 in extrusion interface, and then preheat in preheating interface, unable to set preheating temperature

5. Remove the setting of material cut-off detection switch in switch type setting

6. After the sleep mode is turned on, the preview model picture in the print interface after sleep will not be displayed

7. After the MKS PwC module is connected, the printer will delay for 3 minutes before shutting down (the time can be configured), so that the cooling fan can continue to work for a period of time, because some customers feedback that if the throat is closed immediately or hot, it is easy to plug the next time

8. When the z-axis returns to the maximum value of zero (the first z-axis limit is connected with Zmax), and dual z-limit is enabled, the Z2 limit is connected with xmax interface. When Z returns to zero and Z1 limit is triggered, the two z axes will stop at the same time.

9. Adding pause position can be invalid


1. Modify the problem that the file name exceeds 30 bytes, and press stop to allow the Z axis to go back to zero in the opposite direction.

Ich werde das Update heute Abend mal testen, denke aber nicht, dass ich darauf bauen werde, da ich die aktuelle Marlin Firmware nutze mit der mehr Möglichkeiten möglich sind und ich damit zufrieden bin.

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