Aug 092022

News! Sculpfun released an official updated version of the S10 firmware!

The firmware image download and the upgrade procedure can be found here:

There are some things I want to mention:
– This upgrade ONLY works for the S10 laser mainboard, not S6/S9 (if you only use the S10 laser module on an S6/S9 frame, this is also not applicable)!
– If your S10 is running fine, there is no urgent need to upgrade!
– If you have experienced problems in the past, this update has a high potential to cure them (especially errors with limit switches).
– In case you don’t feel comfortable in updating yourself, ask me or here on FB to get support (the procedure is quite easy, though).
– If you face any issues, please let me/us know

Since it’s the first release of this kind, I would recommend only experienced users to upgrade and give feedback on how it went. Then we can improve the procedure if required.

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