Aug 092022
Ender3 V2/S1 Firmware 20220716

What’s new in this release New custom G-code C810 for setting up the toolbar shortcuts Enhanced C104 Editable multiple probing Increase step limit to 1999.9 Screen backlight turns on by rotating the knob encoder Automatic recalculation of Mesh insets Make PID Plot optional to save flash memory (needs recompile) Editable Juntion Deviation (needs recompile with HAS_JUNCTION_DEVIATION) Editable Linear advance K parameter (needs recompile with LIN_ADVANCE) Host shutdown menu item (needs recompile with HOST_SHUTDOWN_MENU_ITEM enabled) Some bugs fixed Merged Bugfix 2.1.x branch This firmware is based on Marlin, has been optimized and has enhancements for the Creality Ender 3 V2/S1 printer. This is an universal firmware that can be used in both RET6 and RCT6 SoC chips that have 256k or 512k Flash memory. Versions Ender 3v2 MM: if you have the Ender 3v2 near to stock then use this version (Manual Mesh). Ender 3v2 BLT: use this version if you installed a CR/3D/BLTouch level sensor in the Ender 3v2. Ender 3S1: use [..weiterlesen..]