Sep 072021
BCN3D acquires 3D printing cloud platform AstroPrint

BCN3D obtains a key technology as well as expertise for the development of its cloud solutions, remaining dedicated to improving user experience and offering features never before seen on the market · CTO and Co-Founder of AstroPrint Daniel Arroyo has been appointed Chief Software Officer of BCN3D. Arroyo will lead the joined forces of the BCN3D and AstroPrint software  teams for this strategic move for BCN3D’s alignment of software to hardware Barcelona (Spain), September, 7th, 2021.- BCN3D has acquired AstroPrint, a 3D printing software company known for its sophisticated cloud solutions that allow users to manage printers with ease and efficiency. Both companies entered into an acquisition agreement last April, and completed the transaction in July. This investment provides BCN3D with the opportunity to not only release a new cloud platform, but to also have an experienced software team dedicated to the future development of BCN3D’s 3D printing solutions. Founded in San Diego, California in 2013, AstroPrint is one of [..weiterlesen..]