Aug 092022
Octoprint 1.8.1 Release

✋ Heads-ups The heads-ups from 1.8.0 still apply, please read this release’s release notes as well for a full picture of what you should be aware of and what changed! ⛈ Issues while updating? On every new OctoPrint release we see some people run into the same issues with outdated or broken environments all over again. If you encounter a problem during update, please check this collection of the most common issues encountered over the past couple of release cycles first, and test if the included fixes solve your problem. ♻ Changes 🔒 Security fixes Fixed a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the user and group managers. An attacker could talk an admin into creating a user or group with a specially crafted name containing executable HTML/JS, and then into deleting those again, triggering the cross-site scripting issue in the deletion confirmation dialog. A stealing of credentials through this should not have been possible under 1.8.0, however in versions before 1.8.0 the stealing of the „remember me“ token would [..weiterlesen..]

Mrz 162022
OctoPrint: New release candidate: 1.8.0rc2

Erst gestern wurde mit RC 1.8.0 RC1 eine neue Version von OctoPrint veröffentlicht, welche es in sich hatte. Bei mir läuft diese bereits und das ohne Probleme und auch die neue heute veröffentlichte 1.8.0 RC2 Version läuft einwandfrei. Wie immer möchte ich Euch daher den aktuellen Changelog aufschreiben: ⚠️ Important note on release candidates This is a Release Candidate of OctoPrint. It is not a stable release: severe bugs can occur, and they can be bad enough that they make a manual downgrade to an earlier version necessary – maybe even from the command line. You should be comfortable with and capable of possibly having to do this before installing an RC. 🔁 Feedback on this RC Please provide general feedback on this RC in this ticket. An „All is working fine“ is valuable feedback as well because it tells me people are actually testing this RC and just not finding problems with it. If you run into any obvious bugs, please follow „How to file a bug [..weiterlesen..]