Jun 302021

Vor wenigen Stunde wurde nach einer etwas längeren Zeit eine neue Cura Version veröffentlicht, welche ab sofort in Version 4.10.0 zum Download bereit steht. Auch hier gleich vorweg: Speichert zur Not Eure Profile vorher ab, denn der Updateprozess von Cura ist dafür bekannt, dass auf einmal die Profile nicht mehr vorhanden sind.

Bis auf neue Druckerprofile gibt es nix neues, da der größte Bereich sich um Fehlerverbesserungen handelt.

For an overview of the new features in Cura 4.10, please watch our video.

Native CAD import plugin
Ultimaker Professional and Excellence subscribers can now directly import native CAD files into Ultimaker Cura.
Enable this feature by downloading the Native CAD import plugin from the Ultimaker marketplace.

Flow visualization
In preview mode you can now visualize the flow. Contributed by @khani3s.

Show loading plugins on startup
When starting Cura you will now see which plugins Cura is loading.

Add Z position parameter to FilamentChange
With the FilamentChange script you can now control all 3 coordinates.

Allow FilamentChange script to use Marlin M600 configuration
Contributed by @Sekisback.

Double click on file in Digital Factory
When double clicking on a file in the open project dialog in Digital Factory it will now open in Cura.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed temperature exceptions for UM2+C material profiles.
  • Fixed a bug where pause at height stops all extrusion if relative extrusion is used.
  • Fixed authentication issues when logging into UM account. Contributed by @fieldOfView.
  • Fixed the pause-at-height retract with Repetier-flavour.
  • Fixed erasing z-coordinate in the move tool to the value of 0.
  • Fixed the limit range of layer view to only visible structures.
  • Fixed a bug where Cura crashes when scaling a model on Linux.
  • Fixed path minimum limit.
  • Fixed a bug when using right to left language numbers were overlaying on text in the print settings.
  • Fixed edge case with disabling bridging.
  • Fixed a bug where some names with Unicode characters crashes Cura when trying to authorize.
  • Fixed renaming groups. Contributed by @fieldOfView.
  • Fixed a bug when the seam was not placed in sharpest corner.
  • Fixed the gantry height for S-line printers.
  • Fixed a bug where a model is partially below build plate if center selected model is used.
  • Fixed a bug where a tootip arrow appeared when the „Manage printers“ button is hovered.

Printer definitions, profiles and materials.

  • Add CC0.4 core and materials for S3 and S5.
  • Updated Axi machine start gcodes, contributed by @synsuiter.
  • Volumic 3D printer definitions, contributed by @VOLUMIC.
  • Anycubic Mega X and Anycubic Mega S, contributed by @NilsRo.
  • Updated Deltacomb printer profiles, contributed by @kaleidoscopeit.
  • eMotionTech Strateo3D materials and profiles, contributed by @ChronosTech.
  • Sovol SV03, contributed by @balacij.
  • Two Trees Bluer, Bluer Plus, Sapphire Pro and Sapphire Plus, contributed by @Lester3DGadgets.
  • Update Skriware 2, contributed by @Lukkoz.
  • Longer LK1, LK1 Pro, LK1 Plus, LK4, LK4 Pro, LK5, LK5 Plus and Cube 2, contributed by @lowkeyjoe.
  • Mingda D3, D4 and Rock3, contributed by @cataclism.
  • JGAurora A6, contributed by CrissR.

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