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Mittlerweile drucke ich kaum noch mit Simplify3D und nutze eher den PrusaSlicer, denn dieser ist im Gegensatz zu Cura nicht überladen und auch das generelle Grundgerüst gefällt mir dabei sehr gut. Aber auch weil ich damit bessere Ergebnisse als mit anderen Slicern erziele. Klar liegt es auch an mir selber was man einstellt, aber solange das Ergebnis stimmt, nutzt man das, was einem gefällt.

Jedenfalls möchte ich den Changelog jetzt nicht vorenthalten, wobei alles wieder auf Englisch ist, denn wenn ich das nun auch ins deutsche übersetzen würde, wäre der Artikel so alt, dass es bald wieder eine neue Version gibt. :D

Changelog for 4.4.0

Intent profiles.

What’s the intent of your print? A rapid prototype? A visual prototype? An end-use part with specific holes sizes? Intent profiles accelerate the CAD-CAM workflow by preconfiguring all the right settings in Ultimaker Cura for each of these use cases. Simply select a profile that matches the intent of your design, slice, and you’re ready to print immediately, without the need to adjust the typical settings. For now, there are three Intent profiles:

‘Draft’Intended for initial prototypes and concept validation, and will print your design in the shortest time possible.

‘Engineering’Intended for high-dimensional accuracy, to print functional prototypes and mechanical end-use parts.

‘Visual’Intended for visual prototypes and prints that need excellent aesthetic quality.

For now, these profiles work for the Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker S3 with Ultimaker PLA, Tough PLA, and ABS materials, and include PVA and Breakaway combinations. More profiles will follow over time.

  • Per-model settings.

    Per-model settings are a set of very powerful features for users who need to tweak specific settings in specific parts of the model. In previous releases these were buried in the interface somewhat, so this release has made them more discoverable with clear icons in the toolbar, so everyone can discover them. The per-model settings can now be accessed both when working from the recommended and the custom print settings mode.
  • Specify network printer.

    When connected to an Ultimaker Connect group of multiple printers, Ultimaker Cura once again shows a pop-up to select a designated printer for your printjob. This functionality had been disabled in the last version to ensure reliability when printing remotely.
  • Performance improvements.

    Various tweaks under the hood for a snappier, more responsive interface. This improvement is most noticeable when switching extruders, print profiles, hovering over tooltips and when scrolling through the print settings list.
  • SDK version increment.

    The changes made in version 4.4 (mainly for intents but also other things) are so thorough that we needed to do a major increment of the SDK version. Contributors – please update your packages!
  • Pause at height message.

    A setting has been added to the pause at height script that displays a custom message on screen. This can be used to give instructions to operators to perform an action during the pause, e.g. ‘Place 626 bearings in slots now’.
  • Restore window preference. has contributed a new preference around restoring the previous window position/size to the last used position/size on start up. This would be a workaround for those setups where starting Ultimaker Cura on a secondary screen will prevent it from working.
  • Group Linux instances. has contributed a fix so that multiple instances of Ultimaker Cura get grouped in one application group in Gnome (the Linux front-end). It adds a bit of metadata to the .desktop file so that the windows can be grouped.
  • Known bugs

    Cura not starting on Windows 10. Some users started reporting that Ultimaker Cura 4.3 and higher did not start properly, fur unknown reasons. We have implemented some code to get a better understanding of the issue, but we have not been able to fix it just yet.

    As a quick fix: Go to the install path, by default “C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.4”. Right click Cura.exe and select ‘properties’. Click the ‘compatibility’ tab and select “Run This Program in Compatibility Mode For: Windows 8”. If this does not fix your issue, please contact your service provider.
  • Minor improvements
  • Re-calculating retraction-safe area with every wall by
  • Fix Normals after Mirror Operation
  • Crash when loading PJ with creality
  • Per-object setting stacks checked for errors even if they are empty by
  • getAngleLeft gives wrong results when lines are colinear
  • Lots of qml warnings regarding MaterialsTypeSelection.qml
  • PR: Avoid unwanted travel with ironing by
  • PR: Remove all travel moves < 5um by
  • AMF files are mirrored
  • Changes to Material diameter do not get applied
  • Long string of text on profile names goes through borders
  • CURA 4.3 – Crash when connecting networked Ultimaker S5
  • Layer slider falls behind action panel, on low resolution displays only by
  • Deleting profiles will not update the size of the drop-down menu
  • Create / Update / Discard options are enabled when they should be greyed out
  • Scroll bar for profile dropdown
  • Can’t change printhead X/Y Min/Max
  • Syncing to a printer that has both nozzles disabled causes Cura to crash
  • Project file open behavior preference is ignored when opening from command line.
  • Create CFFF printer and change nozzle diameter will cause a crash
  • Pause At Height resumes with wrong speed
  • One-at-a-time ordering wrong
  • Fix license extraction from CuraPackage
  • Invalid firmware for UM2 update continues forever
  • Infill inset too much with connected lines and thicker infill by
  • Reworked line polygon crossings by
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