Aug 092022

Sculpfun plans to release three products: SCULPFUN 20W laser built-in air assist, S9 X-axis linear guide upgrade kit, S9/S10 limit switch kit in a few days.

Their features:

SCULPFUN 20W laser with built-in air assist: greatly increases cutting speed.

S9 X-axis linear guide upgrade kit: S9 old users can upgrade the machine like S10, no wavy engraving line, and the engraving accuracy is greatly improved.

S9/S10 limit switch kit: help the engraving machine to realize homing or coordinate axis function.

Which one do you think is most needed? Can you sort them? Because I might consider the time order of the release, thank you.

Addition: I don’t want to make any people be disappointed with the machines at hand, or leave them behind, it’s a laser company’s job to create new products, we have to give you the latest options, I can’t do that when people need 20W , announcing that SCULPFUN does not exist this product.

This does not mean that other products are meaningless, such as the S9 with air assist, which it can already make very good wood cutting, I do not need to buy the more expensive 20W.

We try our best to make SCULPFUN better cost- performance even if it is the same 20W.

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