Aug 062021

Endlich ist es wieder soweit und die Entwickler haben eine neue Release Candidate veröffentlicht, welche nun in der Version 1.7.0 RC1 vorliegt. Dieses dient als Entwicklerversion und sollte im produktiven Einsatz nicht verwendet werden. Es kann bei einem RC vorkommen, dass Fehler auftauchen, aber wie man uns Maker kennt, verwenden wir diese direkt. 😉

Wie man es kennt, kommt hier der sehr sehr große Chancelog, welches es mal wieder in sich hat.

⚠️ Important note on release candidates

This is a Release Candidate of OctoPrint. It is not a stable release: severe bugs can occur, and they can be bad enough that they make a manual downgrade to an earlier version necessary – maybe even from the command line.

You should be comfortable with and capable of possibly having to do this before installing an RC.

Feedback on this RC

Please provide general feedback on this RC in this ticket. An „All is working fine“ is valuable feedback as well because it tells me people are actually testing this RC and just not finding problems with it.

If you run into any obvious bugs, please follow „How to file a bug report“ – I need logs and reproduction steps to fix issues, not just the information that something doesn’t work.


Heads-up for plugin authors: octoprint.util.get_free_bytes has been removed

The utility function octoprint.util.get_free_bytes, now deprecated since version 1.2.5 in favor of psutil.disk_usage, has finally been removed. If for any reason you’ve been using this in your third party plugin, ignoring the deprecation warning OctoPrint has been printing out to the log since 2015, now is the time to finally fix things.

Features & improvements

  • #2888 – New event FilamentChange triggered when commands M600M701 or M702 are sent to the printer. (PR #4187)
  • #3936 – Software Update: The Software Update plugin will now prompt for an update as the first step during the first run setup wizard, if there’s an update available.
  • #4059 – Timelapse: Switched to using -b:v instead of just -b for FFMPEG bitrate specification. Also improved sanity checking of timelapse rendering parameters.
  • #4065 – Software Update: Added an update log with link to the release notes. You will now be able to see the update events of the past 30d right from within the Software Update settings in case you need to debug something. The update log will also be shared into the system info bundle.
  • #4069 – Plugin Manager & Software Update: Added a link to the FAQ if actions are blocked due to undervoltage.
  • #4085 – Improved animation performance across all modals in the UI. (PR #4103PR #4164)
  • #4098 (PR) – Use G0 for jogging instead of G1.
  • #4099 – Attempt to set low latency mode on the serial port on POSIX systems (e.g. Linux) to improve serial performance. If unsupported should gracefully fall back to former behaviour.
  • #4101 – Mark „G90 influences extruder“ as relevant for Marlin 2. (PR #4116)
  • #4105 (PR) – Improved UI performance by getting rid of ResizeSensor and copywidth.
  • #4107 – Added an option to disable the cache busting on the webcam stream URL. (PR #4124)
  • #4111 (PR) – Added an unselect command on the files API.
  • #4114 (PR) – Added the ability to rename files and folders via the move dialog.
  • #4128 (PR) – Added ignored commands. They behave identical to blocked commands in that they are not sent to the printer by OctoPrint, but other than those they do not generate a blocked command event with severity warn but rather just info. The list by default ships as empty.
  • #4131 – Plugin Manager: Improve performance of settings dialog by making better use of caching headers on the plugin repository endpoint. (PR #4132)
  • #4143 – A new hook octoprint.system.additional_commands allows plugin authors to add new entries to the system command menu from their plugins.
  • #4145 (PR) – Backup: Clarified what the various „exclude“ options do precisely.
  • #4149 – Removed the artifical upper limit of 10 extruders in the UI.
  • #4157 – Added arc calculation to GCODE analysis. (PR #4159)
  • #4166 – Plugin Manager: OctoPrint will now detect if a plugin install fails due to a Python version mismatch and show a special message with link to an FAQ entry on the matter.
  • #4166 – If still running under Python 2, OctoPrint will now show a notification linking to update instructions to Python 3 on page reload/connection to the backend.
  • #4173 (PR) – Upgraded Tornado to 6.x under Python 3
  • #4193 (PR) – Added a new bundled plugin „Event Manager“ for managing event subscriptions via the UI.
  • Tracking: Added tracking of user agent string via new tracking event webui_load. Slightly different reimplementation of (unmerged) PR #4148.
  • The third party plugin blacklist now supports plugin and python version ranges.
  • Added support for the EXTENDED_M20 firmware capability. If detected, OctoPrint will now send M20 L instead of plain M20 requests to firmwares, to allow immediate fetch of long names. Quoted long names, as apparently sent by some firmwares even though there was never a mention of that during the initial feature discussions, are also supported now.
  • Added support for the AUTOREPORT_POS firmware capability. If detected, OctoPrint will enable position auto reporting on connection.
  • Improved logging of folder configuration issues during startup. That should help in debugging any kind of related problems.
  • Made the system info bundle more visible. Many users are still copy/pasting the textual system info dump and forget to share the bundle. So the request was rephrased to target the bundle and the textual info dump was hidden behind a „More“ area. Also, the bundle viewer has been linked.
  • Added a new frontend callback onBeforePrintStart. That can be used to hook into and prevent the start of a print job via click on „Start“ in the print state or click on select & print in the file list. Will be used by a new version of the bundled PiSupport plugin to show an additional confirmation when starting a new job while the system is throttled due to undervoltage or overheating.
  • OctoPrint’s console output will now be colored based on log severity.
  • Added a new, bundled plugins only, hook octoprint.systeminfo.additional_bundle_files that allows bundled plugins to declare additional files to include in system info bundles. Why only bundled plugins? The goal is to keep bundles small and easy to process, and if every third party plugin can add files to it that would probably change fast.

Bug fixes

  • #4073 – Fixed non deterministic sorting of empty folders in the file list by upload date in Chrome browsers.
  • #4074 – Invalid GCODE analysis results will no longer cause HTTP errors on the files API.
  • #4075 (PR) – Fixed centering of icons in the control tab buttons.
  • #4078 – When running under Python 3, OctoPrint will do its best to keep names of uploaded files as is, without slugification. A config option to enforce the old behaviour (feature.enforceReallyUniversalFilenames) has been added for compatibility reasons. This should solve issues with name collisions due to slugification.
  • #4084 – Enforcing printTimeLeft on the print job information from the API is an int.
  • #4092 – Fixed inaccessible tool dropdown.
  • #4117 – GCODE Viewer: Worked around a Chrome-only rounding issue with short arcs with large radii causing rendering artifacts. If Chrome is detected, the viewer will now fall back on an approximation of the 2D context’s arc command, implemented via bezier curves, that doesn’t suffer from the same browser bug. This fallback implemented can also be intentionally toggled or untoggled via a new advanced renderer option. See also this blog post.
  • #4122 (PR) – Removed a debug span.
  • #4129 (PR) – Software Update: Fixed a button size inconsistency.
  • #4136 (PR) – Fixed the SameSite=None cookie behaviour.
  • #4135 (PR) – Fixed bedZ setting not being set as a float like it should, leading to wrong config.
  • #4162 – Fixed GCODE files without any extrusion being analysed on each server start.
  • #4175 (PR) – Fixed a bunch of documentation build issues.
  • #4194 – Improved error handling of lacking resend history to further investigate this issue.
  • Some wording & typo fixes. (PR #4089PR #4125PR #4137)
  • Fixed TEMPLATES_AUTO_RELOAD not being honored and thus templates not auto reloading during development without server restart.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of wizards to display.
  • Fixed the ko invisible binding not updating properly.

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