Okt 052021

Es gibt ein neues Release vom Repetier Server und Repetier-Server Monitor zu vermelden. Wie man sehen kann, wurde einiges an der Software gemacht, so dass beides ab sofort zum Download bereit steht.

Version 1.2.0
* Repetier-Server Monitor version with full support: 1.4.1
* Added computed expressions for dynamic code (see manual Computed Expressions).
* Added input fields to custom dialogs (@dialog...)
* Added wizard script section in printer configuration.
* Added lots' of server commands for programming in g-codes.
* G-Code editor in configuration has now code folding, auto complete and better syntax highlighting.
* Sort printers dynamically or by name.
* Printer list on left side for wide screens (optional, check GUI settings).
* Faster print start for direct upload - print time gets calculated after start now!
* Added korean translation.
* Faster restore of backups.
* Prevent printing of non g-code files improved.
* Support sending server commands while offline.
* Better support of Chitu (CBD) firmware.
* Compatible with Duet Control Server 3.4.
* Fixed and improved com error handling. It is now much faster and more stable!
* Fixed @execute server command.
* Fixed restoring backups > 4GB.
* Fixed touchscreen move extruder dialog for some resolutions.
* Fixed blocking start if firmware folder contains non .xml files.
* Fixed hanging printer on empty replacement definition.
* Fixed handling of shared g-code folder in some cases.
* Fixed offset temperature handling.
* Fixed created time for new projects.
* Fixed timelapse issues with multiple cams.
* Many other small issues improved.

Mit dem Gutscheincode "3DFans" gibt es satte 20% auf Eure Neubestellung.

* Compatible with Repetier-Server 1.2.0
* Restore uses much less memory on PC, so we can now restore any size.
* Note: Server < 1.2.0 can only restore zip files up to 4GB, 1.2.0 has no limit.
* Support offline g-code scripts added in Repetier-Server 1.2.0
* Support input fields in custom dialogs added in Repetier-Server 1.2.0

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