Feb 022021

Es gibt was neues von Tiertime im Bezug auf ihren Slicer, denn diese haben eine weitere Beta Version veröffentlicht die sogar recht umfangreich ist.

New features:
1. A much more comprehensive preview mode
2. Save all settings and models as project (in child models!)
3. New Child model preset and settings
4. Printer calibration function added in Wand
5. New language options.

Download links:
UP Studio 3.1.1 for Mac (Wand included in the Package)
UP Studio 3.1.1 for Win

Release Note:
1, Auto place all the models in the build chamber. The child model is fixed to the position relative to the parent model.

2, Features for Child Models:

  • Added Separate Type.
  • The Separate/Support/Extruder2 Type Child Model can be used at the same time.
  • Added more predefined Child Models.

3, Added the support for the progress bar for slicing process, which can be stopped during the process.

4, Added the support of “Copy” option in the right-click menu.

5,  New Features for Wand:

  • Added the support of displaying user name and filament in the print list.
  • Added the support for the Model Calibration.
  • Removed the support for the Auto Height Adjustment.
  • Added the support to heating of the build table.

6, Added the support of Project file, prj.
Project files save the models, child models, settings, model settings and child model settings to a specific folder. It does not save the TSK files.
Adding and Saving Project files are included in the top and right-click menus.

7, New features for TSK displaying

  • In Layer View, the corresponding layer number and the height will be displayed.
  • Added options on the right side for preview modes, color schemes for different options.

8, In the Preview Editor, the support in the list on the left will be highlighted when it is selected in the model display.

9, Added the support of loading the calibration model in the Tiertime menu. Loading the calibration model will remove other models in the table.

10, Added the High Flow option in Extruder setting.

11, Added restart messages, after Soda and Wand switch to different languages.

12, Highlight the incompatible settings in red with warnings.

13, Added the support for different languages, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian and Thailand. More to come.

14, Added the Reset option in Tiertime Menu.

15, Added the support for Auto Save for Task Files:

  • The task file will be saved in Temp_Task folder.
  • Added instruction “clearfolders s Temp_Task”in Command Line
  • Added “Clear Task Files”in the right-click menu.

16, Various Bug Fixes

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