Apr 242022

April 24, 2022, CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0 released officially! This time, we added not only 10+ newly functions and 19 printers, but also optimized some features and algorithms to improve the pre-processing efficiency and bring progress to the SLA/DLP/LCD 3D printing pre-processor. There are some creative ways to slice that will completely overwhelm your imagination. Want to learn more? Let’s go find out together.

1. SupportScaling——Small or Large

Supports scaling is one of the most important functions that has been added in CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0 this time. It helps you to keep the supports when you want to re-scale your model, and the supports can remain the same diameter when you are scaling. It is quite useful for most designers which helps them solve the problem of supports editing for different size models. And for 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts, supports scaling can help them print easily as they only need to add supports for once that able to print out different sizes. Small or large.

2. Model Altering——Interchangeable

Have you ever encountered the situation that after you finish the supports editing but find out there are still some details that need to be modified.Should you add the supports again?

Of course not! Pro V1.2.0 added the function of model altering, you can replace the model without change or remove the supports. Reminder: the model still needs to remain the same look but only detail modified.

3. Small Pillar Auto-Snapping——Simple and Easy

And we also added the function of small pillar auto-snapping in CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0, you can find it on the supports editing panel, and there are shortcut keys for you to open and close it. You can set the snapping radius freely and the slicer will compute the suitable small pillar for supports by the certain algorithm, and significantly enhance the efficiency for supports adding.

4. Auto-supporting Function Enhancement——Always BYour Back Up

Compare to the prior version, we upgrade the auto-supporting function as well. When you activate this function, the slicer will generate ancillary supports automatically to help strengthen the main stem and improve the stability and success rate for printing.

5. Supports Merging——Not Just For Good Looking

In order to simplify the supports adding and supports editing process, and make it easy to clean, remove and repair, Pro V1.2.0 now is able to merge the supports, to all or part of the selected area.

During the process,the position, direction and size of the connection points won’t be affected, only the middle and bottom part will be merged by a certain algorithm. This function is able to provide you with more space for supports editing.

6. Layer Print Time Compensation——High Accuracy

CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0 also added Layer Print Time Compensation. This function enables you to accurately predict the time for printing. 

7. Keep One Main Cavity——Less is More

Sometimes a model’s inside can be divided into multiple parts after being hollowed, and some parts are small and hard to find that would increase the difficulties for hole digging. This could cause printing failures or model cracking.

However, the new function is able to manage the internal structure to make it get through the whole model, only keep a main cavity that enhances printing success rate significantly.

8. Repairing Module Update

(1)Function adding and optimization

In the repairing module, CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0 offers you multiple choices, including Close Small Holes, Close All Holes, Remove Redundant Shells, plus Add Triangle manually, Delete Triangle and Reverse Triangle etc.

In CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0, Remove Redundant Shells Function has added model shells Information window and selectable option that enables you operate on one or multiple shells.

(2)UI Update

  • Menu Bar Adjustment

Repair option of the menu bar has been updated on the basis of the function optimization, keep the common keys and added Add Triangle, Delete Triangle and Reverse Triangle buttons.

  • Added Tool Bar on the left

On the left-side of the repairing mode, Pro V1.2.0 added a shortcut for the tool bar which enables you operate and repair your model much easier when you want to select a specific area of the model.

9. More Flexible Approach for Supports Editing and Islands Detection Optimization——“Supports” Free, Also Accurate

CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0 has optimized the function for supports editing and islands detection that offer you flexible approach for supports editing to achieve free “supports”. It helps to lower the risk of model surface damage.

Optimized island detection is able to detect the islands amount more accurately, help you to improve the quality test of the model file.

Added 19 New Printers——An Abundance of Choices

CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0, this update has added 9 popular printers to the system, in order to meet the customers demand for excellent printers. Let’s check out all those new updates together.

New Added Printers:

  • Added Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K
  • Added Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K
  • Added EPAX X1-4KS
  • Added EPAX DX10 PRO 8K
  • Added EPAX E10 8K
  • Added EPAX X10 8K
  • Added EPAX X133 6K
  • Added AnyCubic_Photon_Mono_4K
  • Added AnyCubic_Photon_Mono X_6K
  • Added AnyCubic_Photon_SQ
  • Added HALOT-LITE
  • Added HALOT-ONE
  • Added HITRY-Rocket 1
  • Added HITRY-Rocket 1 Pro

Bug fixes

CHITUBOX Pro V1.2.0 also fixed some major bugs that we found out in the prior version, this can improve the speed and stability of the slicer:

  • Fixed the bug that the default configuration file changes when previewing the configuration file in the multi parameter interface
  • Fixed the bug of changing resin density and price
  • Fixed some software incompatibility bugs
  • Fixed the bugof where supports would go through the model when adding supports in some cases
  • Fixed the bug of slicercrash in specific cases
  • Fixed the bug that the screenshot window is not on the top when taking a full screen screenshot
  • Fixed the bug of clicking the collapse button when dragging the sidebar on the right side of the main interface, and the sidebar on the right side collapsed incorrectly

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